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Please send the $50 dues to Craig Corken.


Every town needs a viable Chamber of Commerce. When we work together, so much more can be accomplished. The members have worked diligently to maintain the organization’s traditional events, which continue to be very successful and much appreciated by the community.


The hope is that more can be accomplished, that the Chamber can do more for you the business owner, in the future. In addition to the 4th of July Celebration, Old Fashioned Saturday Night and the Christmas Celebration the organization hopes to work with other groups to encourage business growth in our community.


Are you still not sure if you have time or talent for a committee, well that’s ok. The Rock Port Chamber of Commerce has something for everyone, so please consider sharing you talents in any number of events available. Meetings are held monthly, on the first Monday, at noon at Bank Midwest in the meeting room. Members will be sent text reminders if the information is provided on the form below.


What do you want out of your membership with the Rock Port Chamber of Commerce? Get involved and you will see the benefit both professionally and personally. There is no time like the present to get involved and share the Rock Port Chamber of Commerce success. We look forward to working with each of you!


The Rock Port Chamber of Commerce is an active membership organization that helps its members grow their business, their business knowledge and business connections.


Your dues of $50.00 per year would be appreciated and your active participation in the organization would help make it more dynamic and successful.


Individuals having more than one business in the city or area shall pay for one membership ($50) to cover all their businesses.


Please consider becoming an active member by paying your dues and send a representative of your company to the meetings.


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